Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Moon Esbat

I love celebratory rituals and so I worship the Goddess at the height of the full moon. Esbat is a word to describe this observance. It is a simple but heartfelt ceremony where I rise from my bed at midnight, and weather permitting go outside with bare feet to gaze and reflect on the brightness of the moon's light. I then return indoors to my "meditation room," where I will don my black cape, light candles and with the tools of my craft, will open a sacred circle of energy.

Through the open window I will thank the Goddess for her guidance and protection in my life and then recite "The Charge of the Goddess" by Dorothy Valiente. Then before an old family mirror I will reflect on the goddess within myself  and in doing so will see with the mind's eye what needs changing and what is working in my life. There is always a measure of balance in this meditation. I may recite personal poems to the Goddess or sometimes I will recite from the lovely "Celtic Devotional" of Caitlin Matthews or the "Prayer of Dedication" from Michelle Morgan. 

Usually at least twice a year, I will celebrate the esbat by "Bringing Down the Moon." This is a powerful rite where you quite literally infuse yourself with the light of the moon. A bowl of water is placed within the direct light of the moon (I usually position this indoors, as many of my animal friends would probably drink it). Once infused, this is brought to the ceremony and placed in a goblet where after giving thanks to Goddess, it is drunk slowly. The energy is incredible and is felt deep within the pelvis long after the ritual is completed.

Following the ceremony, I pour some "ale" (beer or whiskey mead is just fine) into two goblets (one for me and one for Goddess) and place a small portion of cookies or biscuits on a plate. I drink and eat after a proper toast and then the cakes and ale that were set out for Goddess are taken outdoors to be given as libations to the night spirits.

I always conclude by closing the sacred circle and giving thanks for all the good that comes to me.

Blessed be! 

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