Thursday, January 6, 2011

Practicing Magick On the Road

 I was recently inspired by a post by one of my Wiccan friends in the blogshere, that I felt compelled to write on this blog that has been neglected since I left home and family for life on the road...
the goal is to visit all the National Parks in America.

Serenity Athenina wrote about her take on dark magick, and I have to say that one of the hardest aspects of practicing The Craft is the self-work needed to acquaint oneself with the darker side of life. Many aspiring witches cling to the notion that all magick should be light and cheerful, which takes the practice into the realm of silly.

Before embarking on this trip I had to delve deep into the dark chamber of my soul and pull out many painful and negative attributes that have been part of life and personality and explore them head on. It was not easy and yet I found that when I did this in a purposeful manner, they no longer had the power to haunt me in the shadows. How can you possibly banish what you are unwilling to understand?

Along the way, I get freaky reminders to follow my Wiccan path. Who would expect a pentagram to appear on a small chapel. How nice if a pilgrim on the Path could visit such a chapel and leave behind a token of home-made homage, or borrow one left behind after offering a meditation to Spirit. Just an eclectic vision of mine.

Here is one of the many new places I refer to as home...

and here is the house I travel in... yes, I live in a van down by the river (joke reference from SNL).

The hubster and I celebrate frequently with a fire out in the elements. A campfire has such a grounding effect for me... wild, yet tamed it stirs a cauldron of thoughts and feelings.

My kitchen and living room, though I can usually be found outside in the woods or on a beach with my camera.

In spite of the small living quarters, I still maintain a little alter. And Venus, my favorite goddess looks down upon me from the night sky.
I love the vultures, whether black or turkey... my friends seemed to have followed me from NJ and I like to think they are looking out for us.
A tender moment with Otis, our pet bunny who seems to enjoy life on the road.

Whatever Magick you practice, may you have moonbeams of blessings this year. And remember the moon would not be so beautiful if it wasn't for the dark sky.

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