Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Divination is a process of gaining insight into one's life through the ritualistic use of tools. Two of  the methods that are dear to my heart are Tarot card readings and Rune Casting. Many people are afraid of these tools, as they have had a dark shadow cast over them from religions that seem to prevent people from finding divinity within themselves through exploration. Some of the symbols on the Tarot cards look intimidating and yet they are not always what they seem. The dreaded Death card for instance, does not necessarily relate to a physical death... it could easily apply to a death of an old habit, or an end to a way of thinking. I continue to study the Tarot as it is complex and rich in the telling of the spiritual journey that we all as humans face. Each day I choose a card and then record it's meaning as I watch how the interpretations unfold. Sometimes when I choose a card, it will give me an insight into a problem that lingers below the realm of my current attention. In either case there is self reflection and study, something that is dear to the solitary witch who doesn't accept anyone else's interpretation of what a spiritual life should be. Rune casting involves the choosing of stones that are marked with a Nordic alphabet. Each one represents an insight into the understanding of the progress of the spiritual pursuit of the chooser. I usually choose three stones that represent the past, present, and future. In this way I have a big picture view of where I am vs. where I need to be. I hope it is clear that in using these tools, there is a personal responsibility to think and study and intuit. A solitary witch knows that she/he is the best judge of interpretation, as your own inner guide who is already divine will help the human of you through life's journey. The divination tools hone your ability to see deeper into the spiritual quest and intuit the best possible direction for self understanding. There is nothing evil or scary here... unless you find those qualities within yourself. Then it signals a gentle reason for change.

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