Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tools of the Craft

One of the things that I most enjoy about the my practice of the Craft, is the ritual associated with honoring the god and goddess who watch over and guide my way. Books are probably my most important tool, as through them I gain insight from others that I might have missed on my own. The important tenets of the pentagram for which I use as a symbol of my faith evoke the five elements of earth, water, air, fire and spirit at the very top. In the rituals I may use sand as earth, tap water, an athame (or small dagger) to waft air, candles as fire and my sincere intent to welcome Spirit that incorporates both male and female deities within my circle of celebration. Many people wrongly equate the symbol of the pentagram with evil intent, including some members of my family who see my tools displayed in my private sanctuary. Just as it was in olden times, people are frightened of things they don't understand and my Craft or way of celebrating my way in the world is mysterious. While I don't spend too much time worrying what others think (everyone is free to form their own opinion) sometimes just a simple explanation of the tools and symbols is enough to alleviate fear. The question I usually pose when confronted with the question of evil intent, is to ask the question, " You know my person, do I seem like an evil person to you?" My family would be hard pressed to answer that in the affirmative, and so they have come to accept my private celebrations. After all the reason I am a solitare is to be at home and alone with Spirit in a way that is befitting to me. It is a highly personal matter and in this way, I don't need the recognition of recruits to know I am on the right path for me. 

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