Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Existential Witch

There are many ways to describe my unique Way in the world,
solitary, eclectic, white, green, Celtic, goddess...
but if pinned down for a specific term, I am most comfortable
with Existential Witch.
One of the tenets of my practice has to to do with respecting
tradition, so I read the old masters and mistresses
in poetry, prose, and philosophy.
Kierkegaard, who is thought to be the father of existentialism,
thought that subjectivity (which is how people relate to objective truths)
becomes more important than the truths alone. Idealisms have
their place, but cannot replace the living, breathing, feeling, actions when applied 
as a starting point of philosophical discussion.
With this in mind, I read all I can about my craft
and discard anything that doesn't ring true for me.
"And it harm none, do as you will" is a great starting place, but how
 your life has shaped you seems to determine what is harm and what is your own will.
Once initiated on my Path, I realized that there is no mercy if I harm another,
The Three Fold Law (which states what you send out will come back to you threefold)
kicks in even when the harm was inadvertent. All actions carry a responsibility of consequence.
If you gauge your life in honesty, you will learn what you need to find the peace that is sought.
On one hand, if you knew how important your life is you may be afraid to explore at all,
on the opposite spectrum if you knew how insignificant your life is you may go overboard in exploration... somewhere there is a balance to achieve.
My practice attempts to find that place... so I can at least maintain an equilibrium. 


  1. only sages and beasts dare to live a solitary life.. by your works you seem to belong to the former category.

    its so true, if we realize how precious life is, we wont explore.. that is why i have started to relish instead of finding answers which i may never get..

  2. Ah, but the life lived is not solitary... only the understanding of a spirituality in which All are connected. We all must choose our own path to that connection. I learn by living, feeling, expressing, and thanking Spirit in my own way... it is a true solace when the going gets rough. Thanks for sharing your unique perspective, we all have beauty to share.

  3. I completely agree with you, because i am also undergoing the same journey by my own path. i let God, nature, my soul and body guide me through this world..