Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midsummer Murmurs

 "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes." I always loved this Walt Whitman quote. I feel it is time for the feminine to come forth, out of the shadows, and make a stand for positive change. 

 Even the gentle pansies are whispering of great things to come...

 The "black hawk" is now flying for peace as

our freedoms are suffering

  in spite of the sacrifices.

 Mother Nature still conspires to inspire and cleanse.

 I have been to the mountaintop in quiet meditation

 and marveled at the growing truth on the web

 the skies have been foreboding, looking down in a furious disdain

 the Moon is distant, yet egging us on in our mystery trip.

 The cats are adamant... do not go defeated into the storm. Heads up and proud... that's the spirit!

 A flower reminds me, how small yet majestic I am.

A fairy tale... her white gossamer wings sailed into the spider web... she ensnared him and flew him to his senses! A midsummer's night dream. Happy Solstice! Oh btw...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Reflections

 It's in the quiet contemplation alone... that we find meaning.

 Eye on the parsnip... who sends it's own wry sign.

 We're in a waning phase of being... thankfully.

 But even if we feel we are going to seed and past our prime... we are important.
 Little old ladies on the curbside pasture are excitedly conspiring to bring about profound change.

 We are seeking healthier eating choices and following though on our colorful hunches.

 Wild violet flames assist our growth at every roadside.

 Spring green... the color of change and renewal. Revel!

 We are Spirit, Earth, Fire, Air, Water... in equal measure.

 The night has its own manifestation of light... it's a continuum.

 We could feed the masses... if we believed we could.

 The Natural world encourages us in friendly, playful reminder.

 Old modes of the industrial revolution are dying....

but old modes of sustaining Earth are resurfacing with a gentle vengeance. Organic farming and gardening anyone?

Blessed be on this Wonderful Earth Day! Namaste.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Caching up at Ostara

 I know I missed my usual post on Feb. 2, Brigit's Feast but the clouds were parting for an important arrival.

 The sun gave up it's own shadow early in the afternoon...

 before the birth of my Grandson, born Feb. 2. We call him "groundhog" and I know he has the gift of prophecy.

 On day 2, he was already calling for peace in his serene way.

 Though it snowed a week later, we knew that it would be an early Spring... groundhog said so!

 The robins made an early appearance and I heard the first Meadowlark shortly thereafter.

 The sunrises were just stellar in color and intensity.

 A sign of the power of Womanhood whose time has come!

 On Ostara the squirrels were already celebrating, this little guy let me take a glamor shot... quite rare in these parts.

 I found this lovely daffodil in the middle of the forest, which called my attendance on this special occasion!

 This is a wildflower that I need to research... so plentiful in the woods.
 All is abloom at the edge of the river and temps here are in the high 70's... an early Spring as predicted.

 From the decay of old forest wood comes new life... always amazing to this old witch!

It was the most beautiful explosion of Spring blooms in recent memory... Happy Ostara, Happy Spring!