Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Tease

Spring's arrival in NJ met with some splendid balmy weather this year, but as usual, it also heralded the cool and rainy season that comes as "April showers." Though it is windy and chilly again, there is the greening of the lawn, the blooming of daffodils, and the blossoming of the magnolia trees that gives a vibrant touch of color to the awakening landscape. Spring is the time of year for putting those plans arising from the quiet, contemplative, meditations of Winter's rest into action. Sometimes it hard to stay motivated when the weather turns cold and damp... there is that cozy retreat into non-action, which is fine, even Mother Nature takes a step backwards now and again. But as the wheel turns and budding season gets under way, I usually get a surge of energy that will ensure my projects and plans move forward with bursts of vigor. So bring on the chilly showers... they will only serve to make me appreciate the warm weather and "May flowers" all the more!


  1. hear hear to that. We are all longing for warmer weather and the return of the beautiful spring flowers. Our weather is mirroring yours it seems. My forsythia is blooming in all its golden yellow glory and yet the rain is falling and the winds are cold...
    Blessed be, Star

  2. Oh, I'm thinking the flowers will be just gorgeous with all of the rain we have had! Blessed Be Star!