Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Color Meditation

One of the practices of my way to the path is the simple act of going within and experiencing the silence of stillness. Most of the day our thoughts are flowing like mindless chatter that colors our emotions and can often raise to a frenzied pitch of confusion, worry, and doubt. There are many ways to avoid this silent and incessant chatter, some people use mindless TV, some use alcohol (which often tends to exacerbate the noise) or what I have found to be the best way, meditation. One of my favorite forms of meditation is what I refer to as my color meditation. First, I gently rub the roundness of my closed eyeballs, which serves to to stimulate the retina to accept its purpose of seeing with eyes closed. Then, I simply sit cross legged in a sunlit room, relax my shoulders, and watch the blank screen of color appear and change before my shut eyelids. At first there is a muddled darkness that soon becomes awash with a vivid shade of orange that softens and fades to golden and yellow. At the tiniest squint of the eyes, or the change of the sunbeam location, suddenly other colors come into play: deep purples, crimson, bright teal, or perhaps a brilliant green. At times of great peace suddenly I will "see" a brilliant white, which seems to be the shade of the Inner Self. During this phase if I get a mental message, I usually pay attention as the message is always gentle and loving and the peace associated with it is profound. Most often though, the meditations feels like looking at one's own auric colors parading by, one by one before the closed eyes. Sometimes the colors change and morph into muted shades that melt slowly into one another. During this meditation the focus is only on the screen of changing colors and the wash of peace that occurs when the mind is silenced by the attention to a blank screen. The restless mind will indeed have trouble chattering during the silent interchange of your own sacred color wheel. The restorative peace that ensues will make the rest of your day just a little bit brighter.

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