Monday, December 26, 2011

The Blessing of Winter Solstice

 There she is, our Mother Moon... full and beautiful before the Winter Solstice. She encourages me to walk my path and champion other women to share their wisdom. Our planet Gaia depends on us.

 I always spend time in the woods in early December, and on the water I spied a lovely sundog. A reflection of rainbow... reminding the world that all the colors of people are needed to share in the beauty.

 Two trees hold hands, or branches. It's time for the masculine and feminine to strike a truce and balance the yin and yang that has been out of sync for too long.

 Good food in the form of a hearty stew of earthy vegetables and a little meat graced my celebration table.

It might look like a Charlie Brown tree, but the sun shines brightly on the bare branches of this sapling. Very hopeful!

 The sky writes messages in clouds and the flight of birds. Winter is a time of introspection and hibernation... and yet it is peaceful, pleasant, and joyous for me!

And so I baked some happy, crazy, gingerbread people... and in that lighthearted endeavor I made my plans for the coming Winter months. Solstice is about hope... and the Sun shines to us that our journey should never be without it! In the days of darkness, we look to the Moon for the nurture of the Mother... she shines for us just as well and so should we! Brightest blessings!


  1. Beautiful pictures Wendilea. Your picture of the moon is extraordinary.
    Love the gingerbread men. I bought some at a street fair just before Christmas. Do you have a good recipe for the decoration part of the cookie? The whites, reds and greens look so nice and short.

  2. Hi Star! I hope the holidays find you happy and well! The decoration on the gingerbread men comes from small tubes of cake decorating gel that I bought at the supermarket. The downside is that they remain a bit sticky so it's not so good if you want to transport the men in a tin, but they look festive on a plate or single layered in a shallow container. I wish you Brightest Blessings for the upcoming New Year!