Thursday, September 9, 2010

Leaving the Lair

Our house is being sold and soon me, my husband, and my pet bunny will be heading out on a cross country journey to see America. One last time I look upon my meditation room or Wendilea's Lair as I like to call it and reflect on all the magick that has occurred in this tiny room at the top of the house. It has been my sanctuary and I have been fortunate to have this room as my own for many years. The sun has risen through the eastern window during my morning meditations and I have often caught the moonlight in a bowl of water here for "drawing down the moon" ceremonies. The few tools that are special to me will be packed into the Eurovan, and I look forward to setting up my alter under the trees in the forest, or in the desert sands under the stars, or even in the tent on a rain soaked night. My last ceremony here at the home we have shared for the last 17 years will be on the Autumn Equinox and then we will be leaving shortly thereafter. I am thankful for this wonderful little space and it has served me well. In addition to the few tools that I will be taking are my tarot cards, runes, my book of shadows, and a few books that give me daily inspiration. All my other books will be sold at our estate sale unless someone cares to send me an address and I would gladly send them on, as I don't foresee them being hot selling items in this neck of the woods. After Mabon I will be posting from somewhere in the country in a "church" which will be literally under the Sun, the Stars. and the Moon. Blessed Be!  

“Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”


  1. Oh my goodness, that is a big adventure. Won't you miss your little grand-daughter? I would be happy to house your books for you? at my home in Tennessee. Then, if the time comes when you want them back, they would be available? email me to
    wouldn't want to think they went just anywhere!
    Blessings, Star

  2. Oh yes Star I will miss her but we've been practicing on webcam and I'll be well connected on our trip! You will receive the books with my blessing!

  3. Thank you Steve but I am not a Chrisitan, and do not share in your beliefs. Blessed be and have a nice day!

  4. A lovely post. I am inspired. I am an eclectic pagan.

  5. Brightest Samhain blessings to you Laurie!