Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Window to Within

When I came across this door I marveled at the window that reflected the colors of the outward surroundings... including the light of my flash. Those darkened diamonds truly hid the contents of the garage within. The sanitary whitewash of wood surrounding the windows stood in lined contrast to eerie eyed patterns of the aging beveled panes. People are like doors with windows. Sometimes they are open, transparent, and there is an honesty as they share of themselves. These are usually the people to whom the comment is made, "she/he is like a breath of fresh air." At other times people are closed shut, locked, and hiding in a fearful darkness  that merely reflects the gaze of those who look upon them. I can hear the phrase, "I just can't get through to him/her..,"  The next time you are speaking with someone... be aware of your own windowed door. Is there eye contact or are you looking through the person? Did you really hear what is being said (or are you only thinking about what your next words will be)?  When we truly connect with another person from that light and honest place we should see beyond the reflection of our own scary judgements. 


  1. Thank you Dessa. I often make these connections as a "note to self."