Friday, April 9, 2010

The Beauty of Spring Leafing

Spring is my favorite season, especially as I look to the woods behind my house at dusk. It seems that in the span of one week, the bare tree branches spit out their little buds that seems to explode into those beautiful spring green leaves overnight! Just one warm day (recently it went to 88 degrees) and the bees come out of the woodwork, the leaves seem to grow right in front of your eyes, and the birds are singing their little hearts out. I especially thrill at hearing the trill of the Carolina Chickadees as they call each other from their perches in the trees. I also like to watch the studly antics of the male sparrow who woos lots of ladies in the hemlock tree in front of my house. He puffs himself up and tweets, and when a female comes by they are suddenly flapping together towards the bushes. I have seen him with six females in a hour and yet he can also be seen dutifully assisting with building of various nests for the children he fathers. The squirrels are hunting their buried nuts (and my planted bulbs, oh well) as well as chasing each other in pairs around the trees. Frolicking is rampant! As I take the time to watch all this spirited energy around me, I am very thankful that I have the time to enjoy the delights of this wonderful season.


  1. After the bitterness of Winter, Spring is always such a gift! Getting to witness the Earth and her many creatures emerge re-energized really does feel magickal.

  2. Yes Felicitas, I agree Spring is a gift! There is nothing so restorative from the wear and tear of daily living in all of this complexity than a stroll around the block in the company of Mother Nature.