Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey Buzzards and Sun Dogs

Yesterday I went for my usual walk around the block, but it was anything but usual. Normally I set out in a quick stride and notice the seasonal changes of Nature in a quick pace that gives me some exercise. Ok, so far everything is usual. Instead of letting my mind wander to the normal chatter of what I could be doing or what I should be thinking , I shut that yap of the mind and just walked and breathed and looked to the sky for nothing but the beauty of a warm November day, grateful for the sun and the mild temperature... no coat needed. First I noticed a swarm of birds circling the the sky in the distance. Could they be a flock of my beloved turkey buzzards?... why yes, a swarm of about 20 were swooping and lowering and to my amusement they were suddenly circling me. I waved to them and yelled "hello friends!" It was 2:00 in the afternoon and there are no neighbors watching... they are all at work, so I felt perfectly content to wave and clap at this rare performance. The "crowd" dispersed and the three usual "friends" that appear to glide in the currents when I take my walk, hung around a bit and dipped low in the sky as if to wave. I felt elated. Then, as I turned the corner of the long street at the end of my block and walked into the west, I spied the brilliant sun fairly low in the sky and it was flanked by two beautiful "sun dogs." These are like little round rainbows that appear upon clouds and they were perfectly aligned on either side of the sun. I was mesmerized as I walked, and knew that it was a a wondrous display that I would have missed if I was deep in thought and looking down at the pavement. Somehow I felt hopeful that this walk with my head in the clouds was a gift... a splendor of the wonder that is waiting when the mind can shut off, the eyes open wide, and one is just thankful for the gift of sight.

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