Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Healing Crystal Meditation

Life has many stressors, some are positive and can move us to challenge ourselves and become productive. Other stressors may become tangled up with negative energies that often cloud the big picture and leave us feeling angry, frustrated, or doubtful. These are the toxic stressors that are often ignored, but give a feeling that make us feel ill at ease. Once recognized, direct confrontation with these feelings needs to be dealt or they multiply, become overwhelming, and throw the body into a state of dis-ease. One of the ways I deal with this phenomenon is to practice a full body meditation with my healing crystal. This is a crystal that I found, and in order to boost it's healing power it was consecrated. First, I lovingly washed it with my personal beauty soap, rinsed it, and towel dried it. Then I set in on a windowsill in the direct light of the full sun. To consecrate it I hold it in my right hand and extent the left palm open to the universe. I ask for the positive energies of the universe to fill it with my intent for healing clarity. Then I will place in the direct light of a full moon to complete the consecration. Whenever I feel that negative stress or situations occur that need to be confronted or released, I will fill a bathtub with warm water and salt and then slip in my crystal. Sometimes I will also add fragrance in the form of those inexpensive shampoos that are more economical than high end bath products, as the bubbles seem to last longer (also when you immerse your head under the water to meditate, you get an instant shampooing). I think long and hard of the situation that is causing the unrest and draw my full attention to every detail as I sort through the attached emotions associated with it. Once that is accomplished I will ask the crystal to help me see clearly on what I must do in order to heal. Sometimes the situation is not in my control and I must just let it go down the drain. Other times, a plan of action or a new way of looking at the issue will pop in my head and in my mind's eye I will take it to a positive conclusion. After rinsing myself and the crystal off, I take a deep cleansing breath. At that point I will follow my inner guidance to either take appropriate action, or put the issue to rest. The crystal is then put to it's resting place on my sunlit altar. It is one of my most important tools for healing.

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