Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whisper of the Dragon Fly

It all happened in an instant, a sunny summer's day like today, far from home in an overgrown field near a stream, a path to somewhere leading to woods. There were wildflowers as tall as myself, and no sounds except for the hiss-clapping of locusts in the distance. I was far away and alone... but certainly not lost or afraid. A silver bodied bug with pretty blue wings landed on me and whispered me a dream, a reason, a secret. I understood the gentle voice that hummed, although not a word was spoken. I knew I mattered and was important... and here for a reason. It's many, many years since that first encounter, and yet when I'm alone in Nature without a soul around, I'm still that young child holding on to the secret that was only meant for me... on a path that never turned back.

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