Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lughnasa ... a sigh of relief

Last Saturday me and the hubster planned our little pagan ceremony of the August harvest with a fine meal that included Jersey grown tomatoes, and corn, and fresh tuna steaks... as a reminder of the ocean we both love. I especially looked forward to the bonfire as a traditional part of the ancient celebration. My son showed up in need of some family time and although he is not normally comfortable with my witchy ways, in a change of heart he listened to my story of the god Lugh and his step mother Taltiu for who the celebration was devoted to. She died while helping to clear the land in Ireland so Lugh's people could plant crops and increase their ability to farm the land. We shared a whiskey mead while the flames danced in the warm night air, and exchanged our unique views on being in the world. We talked, my son and me... we found common ground to agree and disagree in our connected but separate world views. When the night came to a subtle ending as the moon rose over the trees in the night sky, my son echoed a sentiment so dear to my heart that I must share it, he simply said, "The greatest evil is a singular truth... we are just.... I never felt so proud to be a mother in... I don't remember when.

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